I’m a terrible blogger but I’m awesome at NaNo


Oh hey. Long time no see, eh?


It's been MONTHS since I last posted on here. Doesn't mean I haven't been writing...far from it, actually. More on that in a second. First I just want to admit that I'm not good at this blogging thing (obviously).


Facebook? Had an account for something like thirteen years now.

Twitter? Figured it out.

IG? Figuring it out.

Blogging and having my own website? Not so much.


Anyway...sorry about that. I figured it's time to update though, because a few things have happened since I last posted, and something super incredible and exciting is happening this week, so I wanted to give an update.


This past November I participated in NaNoWriMo '18. For those who aren't into the writing world, it's basically a challenge where all these people band together and commit to write an entire novel (defined as 50K words for the sake of consistency) in one month. I'd had a very specific book idea swirling in my head for several months, and I generally write pretty quickly anyway, so I signed up.


SIX CYCLES was born. Now I'd written three books before I attempted this one, and I love them. I haven't given up on them. I still hope to publish them someday.


BUT. I knew right away SIX CYCLES was different. This story literally poured out of me. Once I got going, it was almost like I wasn't even in control anymore, I was just along for the ride while Andrew and Lauren told me their story. It was so fun, and I adored them and their love story.


Did I "win" NaNoWriMo? Yes. I wrote a 75K word novel in a little over a month (no, I don't usually write THAT fast).


Then, on December 6th, I decided to participate in Twitter's #PitMad event. The author/agent/editor/publisher community is very active on Twitter, and a few times a year there are these pre-specified dates where everyone knows they can pitch their books on Twitter (in the limited characters of a single tweet) and agents/editors/publishers will "like" a pitch if they're interested and want to know more (usually pitching on Twitter is frowned upon...it's literally just these special days). SIX CYCLES was BARELY in a second draft - I'd written it in a whirlwind and read through it once to fix glaring typos and the like. On a whim, I decided to go ahead and pitch on December 6th, figuring I didn't have anything to lose. I didn't want to wait until the next one (April 2019 or something, I think).


I tweeted the following:


Oncology pharmacist Lauren and her patient Andrew had no intention of falling for each other. Against all odds they embark on a journey that could risk her career and possibly his life, or give them both everything they've ever wanted.


Imagine my surprise when not one, but multiple agents "liked" my tweet! And so begun a chain of events that led to what was the biggest turning point in my hopeful career as an author - in January I signed with Andrea Cascardi, a Literary Agent with Transatlantic Agency.


I hope to post more this week about the next exciting piece of news I have to share. But be rest assured that I've been writing and I'll keep doing so, and I'll try to be better about keeping this updated :)


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